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Mary Saunders

Mary Saunders is the Director of SAGE insights, a people development company. She uses her studies in education to create engaging presentations, workshops and learning environments to help business leaders and managers learn how communicate more effectively to lead and motivate others. 

Mary has delivered speeches at international and national conferences, motivational presentations, forums and facilitates courses in presentation skills for managers and business leaders.

She has developed a unique insightful and interactive process for understanding how people think, feel and behave, what they avoid and what they need.  Mary develops others to understand, lead and influence people to create productive, harmonious teams.

  •  More than 25 years experience as a facilitator and designer of customised learning programs in communication and leadership skills
  • Exceptional skills to show how to use the power of uplifting language and methodology to encourage  teamwork and business growth  
  • Proven ability to motivate people to change workplace behaviours through understanding relevant proven theories models and strategies   
  • Focused emphasis in working with clients to assist in designing and delivering programs to suit the changing needs of the organisation
  • Lengthy experience in understanding principles that motivate people to change beliefs, language, habits and behaviours to be more effective managers, leaders and communicators
  • Excellent coaching skills that involve listening, understanding, valuing, guiding, and motivating people to address individual strengths that create change and overcome barriers that hinder motivation to change
  • Strong ability to formally and informally assess skills and gaps in management capability
  • Outstanding skills in designing and delivering evaluation of programs – both formally through feedback forms and informally, through insightful discussions

Active and practical consultancy experience in all of the following areas:

  • Communication strategies
  • Facilitation
  • Leadership
  • Management , particularly front line
  • Capability assessments of managers and leaders
  • Coaching for implementing workplace and personal changes  to develop resilience
  • Business and key performance measurement


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