Sagacious Tree Products



Website-Tree with white flower-RGBThe SAGACIOUS TREE™ is made up of unique, colourful people shapes that interact together to be a tree. Like people, each part of the tree is unique. Organisations and families are made up of different, unique, colourful people.  The colours of the SAGACIOUS TREE™ are representative of the way people see situations differently.

Relationships between people can be stimulating and challenging as the way each person sees situations influences how they interact. Understanding how the colourful viewpoints interact is the key to successful relationships.

The SAGACIOUS TREE ™  discovers your natural order of colours, the way you see situations. By revealing each layer of your behaviour, we understand what you need and  avoid in relationships to be comfortable in how you think and feel.   


Feel free to download the sagacious discovery pdf  as an e-book,  so you can fill out online or printable document so you can ponder over the statements with a coffee, and add up my own scores to discover an innovative way of  understanding yourself and others. 







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