SAGE insights philosophy

SAGE insights believes in the power of uplifting people to be themselves and guiding their behaviour. 

People become what they think about.

If people think they are not good enough, they will become worthless. They switch OFF.

If people think they are valued they become more valuable. They switch ON.

People need feedback to grow, not ‘constructive criticism’.

When we criticise, give negative feedback, tell people what they do ‘wrong’, we judge others through our perspective.

We tell them they are not good enough.

People close their minds to innovative solutions as they focus on stopping their mistakes.

They please us, not themselves.

They grow in our shadow.

People grow and develop with positive feedback, sunlight

When we tell people what they do right, uplift them, they feel good about themselves.

We tell them why they are valuable.

When we question to understand behaviour that impacts negatively on relationships, we give sunlight to the mind.

We change how we think and they think.

Together, we open our minds to innovative solutions as we focus on learning from mistakes.

They want to please themselves and us.

We grow separately and together in sunlight.