Emotional Intelligence

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Why is emotional intelligence important?

Emotional buyviagraonlinexxx.net intelligence (EI) defined by Daniel Goleman, founder of EI, psychologist and science journalist, is the art of recognising, understanding and managing emotions.  It is now the way workplaces measure management performance. Our ability to demonstrate adaptability is more important than our IQ and expertise. Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence

  • is learned
  • improves with maturity – another plus for aging
  • is not gender specific – there are no differences in how males and females manage emotions.

Naturally, we have EI qualities – empathy, resilience, innovation and persuasiveness. Two are stronger.  We learn how to blend these qualities to be adaptable.
Naturally, we REACT when we allow others to stress us.
Which quality is the strongest colour you use when you REACT – FEEL

Naturally, we WANT to fly away or better still hit the person.
We learn to manage our reactions by managing how we THINK.
We chose to switch off reactions and switch on uplifting actions – to be the change we want others to be.   

  • When feeling frustrated, we THINK to persuade rather than control others, we encourage them 
  • When feeling stuck because you have tried everything and people won’t change, we use empathy to THINK of understanding them rather than be understood   
  • When feeling overwhelmed because it takes too much energy, we THINK we will fall down 6 times get up 7
  • When feeling hopeless and nothing seems to work, we THINK innovatively – because if we keep doing the same thing we will keep  getting  the same result – we will go insane
  • When feeling stressed, we THINK of how can I change so others WANT to change.