How do we inject inspiration to immunise against self doubt?

Answer: We inject hope

Botox injected into our wrinkles on our skin, relaxes and softens the lines that cause frowns. It blocks signals from the nerves to the muscles so the muscles can no longer contract.

When we inject inspirational words into the wrinkles of our mind we relax and soften self-doubts. We block the signals to the mind of ‘can’t’ and ‘but’ so the messages can no longer contract our think-ability.

     Our words are the drugs we injebrainct.

    Our questions are the needle, the entry point into our mind.

    What words do we fill the syringe with?  with colourful, uplifting words of hope


The syringe has medicine, words that

  • Encourage ourselves and others to clearly see, feel, believe and say what we want, avoid what we don’t want.
  • Inform and remind ourselves and others of our past successes, our unique abilities and strengths to create what we want.
  • Offer options and pathways around the ‘but’ and fear blockages. We offer suggestions, ideas, contacts, links, articles.
  • Show we care as we have patience with ourselves and others. We genuinely believe everyone finds their way to create what they want, when the time is right.


What questions to ask to enter the mind?
Ask why who what and why.

Why do you REALLY want this?

What has been the first step to your success in the past?

How can you overcome the ‘but’ and ‘can’t’?

Who can support you to keep inspired?


How do we know when to inject?
Look for the early warning signs and the symptoms

When we or others show the following symptoms

  • We HEAR the sigh, then we listen for words, that begin the downward spiral of self doubt, such as I can’t because……., I know I should……… but ……….If only…….
  • we SEE the frowns of despair, the tears of frustration, the lethargy of tiredness or the busyness of procrastination.
  • We FEEL their sense of hopelessness, their tension, being stuck, their lack of energy, lack of motivation.

Like all injections they tarobin williams patch adamske time to soften the self doubt and we need booster shots. The bigger the project, change or vision,   the more regular the booster shots are needed.

Injecting hope works.Dr Hunter Patch Adams, the doctor portrayed by Robin Williams in the film Patch Adams, cured more     patients more quickly by injecting words of hope and laughter to inspire them. He was awarded the Peace Abbey Courage of     Conscience Award in appreciation of his efforts.