How do we use our true colours?

 Answer: In the order of our true colours. 

We know our order of colours when we complete the SAGACIOUS  DISCOVERY  ( you can download  this for free on this website)

Our two strongest colours  are either red  or blue  and  green  or  gold,

Our strongest colour  filters what we see and influences the way talk, walk and behave playing the communication game.

Let’s see how our true colours influence us to get off the SAGACIOUS TREE.  


If wcoming off the treee have a stronger red score than blue,
we naturally direct OUTCOMES to jump off the tree in a PRODUCTIVE way.
We play the communication game in a CONFIDENT way to ENCOURAGE people to trust themselves.

If we have a stronger blue score than red we naturally support OTHERS so together we tunnel in a HELPFUL way to get off the tree.
We communicate THOUGHTFULLY, to show we care about others.

If we have a stronger green score, than gold, we naturally provide ORGANISATION ,
like using a ladder to step off the tree RESPONSIBLY.
We communicate in a SAFE way, managing information and risks.

If we are stronger in gold, we pollinate OPPORTUNITIES to create OPTIONS for an enjoyable, FLEXIBLE way to fly off the tree.
We communicate in a POSITIVE way gathering OPTIONS to overcome risks when they happen.


Did you notice the bark peeling away from the tree?

Chances are you really had to LOOK. ( in the middle of the acheter cialis en ligne tree) When  we have equal scores of 10,  we see these colours equally, we play a balanced  communication game .


Life flows comfortably and easily.