Sage Insights

SAGE insights is a people development company. We use insightful courses, workshops, forums, small group coaching and one on one support to develop people to be more supportive and lead relationships.

Our engaging consultants create interactive, trusting, learning environments. We encourage participants to share their wisdom and insights to understand and resolve management situations. People feel uplifted and challenged – they want to change.


We develop people using our sagacious philosophy.  By creating customised learning programs in communication and leadership skills, we show how to switch draining situations into uplifting situations.  SAGE insights uses models, tools and analogies to understand people, not judge them.


  • Public Speaking workshops
  • Leadership coaching
  • One day, two day and half day workshops on business topics including
    Better Job Satisfaction, Prioritizing Tasks, Difficult Conversations, Negotiation, Conflict to Cooperation, Our Way, Not My Way or Your Way
  • Get tree’d workshops – understand self and understand others
  • 2 hour snappy educational ‘snapshops’ for busy business people
  • Leadership training and management 6 – 8 day courses
  • Business Round Table –confidential monthly discussions for up to
    8 business owners
  • One on one support sessions for career development and refinement of communication skills


We use three steps to learn how to

  1. understand and value ourselves
  2. understand and value others
  3. communicate sagaciously.


Sagacious means full of wisdom. 

To communicate sagaciously is to be gracious and act courageously.
We use the power of and

We believe that the key to success is understanding others and valuing their differences.

 People don’t leave companies or partnerships;
they leave managers and partners
who don’t understand and value them.

Being sagacious, you graciously observe and question others to learn what they want and need. You are also courageous – you say what you want and need.  Together you can create outcomes that suit everyone.

People choose to stay with companies and partnerships
because they feel valued and understood – they feel happy.


Did you notice the SAGACIOUS TREE (‘full of wisdom’ tree) appearing as a new group of relationships appear.

Observing is one of keys to understanding people.

Like trees are natural, so too are our communication styles.

All our workshops, snap shops, 101 sessions use the sagacious tree to understand relationship issues and how to be sagacious,

‘full of wisdom’ when we work through conflicts in expectations, beliefs, valuing and supporting ourselves and others.


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