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A unique and proven approach to people development.

SAGE Insights offers bespoke communication courses, workshops and coaching programs, designed to give you
the wisdom and insight to transform relationships, resolve conflict and achieve inspiring clarity of purpose. Our
unique development model will challenge your views, equip you to develop your personal wisdom and insight and
guide you to the self-knowledge and understanding of others that leads to growth and positive change.


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Engaged employees who feel valued and able to contribute are essential to organisational success. However current research shows that 70% of employees are disengaged at work* and this is because they don’t feel valued. Our bespoke programs are designed to give leaders the insight and learning experiences that will turn this situation around. When you invest effectively in developing your people, they feel valued and able to contribute more, growing in their career and aspirations; and adding the agility, innovation and collaboration that enables the organisation to move forward.
* reference source of Gallup data

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Our programs understand your people development needs because we:

  • Conduct a free business needs analysis, defining how best develop your managers, so they lead people to move the business forward.
  • Design learning experiences that are: interactive, engaging reflective and visionary, aligning the values of individuals with business values.
  • Work with leaders and managers to focus their communication on motivating each person to feel valued. Respecting their worth and supporting them to grow with the business in their career and aspirations.

    Calculate the current costs of frustrating situations and through collaborative teamwork, redesign workplace practices to show the impact on profitability and the future of the business.


Create the springboard you need to move forward and create the life you really want. With our customised one-on-one coaching you’ll develop your personal wisdom and insight to achieve positive change in your life. SAGE Insights’ unique way of bringing different perspectives to light enables you to clearly understand your motivating strengths and limiting blocks. Insightful coaching can be the impetus to create better versions of ourselves and to unlock our purpose and potential.

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Your $495 monthly investment gives you an hour each week with Mary. This personal coaching provides guidance, support and clear direction as you consider options that can move you forward. Mary will:

  • Listen to your frustrations, concerns, passions and explore what you love to do – to understand the connecting dots of your experiences.
  • Take you on a journey of self-knowledge that gives you deep insight and understanding of your values – revealing ‘why we do what we do’.
  • Shine a light on your strengths, attributes and beliefs to light your life’s pathway.
  • Help you understand the ‘attraction of distractions’ by highlighting those moments when your focus strays.

When you are ready to move on, we invite you to stay connected with others like you as a SAGE CONNECTIONS member.


SAGE Connections is a community of like-minded yet diverse people who have chosen to explore deeper personal development. As a member you’ll participate in monthly 90 minute facilitated sessions where we reflect, listen, question and discuss meaningful and insightful topics. This process reveals our strengths as others reflect back to us the qualities they see in us that we possibly can’t see in ourselves.  As we grow in understanding ourselves in our relationships, we are restored refreshed and energised.

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When you become a Member, for an annual fee of only $60.00 you’ll receive:

  • An activity to understand your natural strengths and a 60 min call with a SAGE Insights team member.
  • Monthly interactive and insightful 90 minute zoom sessions that will leave you restored and energised.
  • Access to connect with other like-minded people to create your own networks.

Discount to our small group bi-monthly 3 hour video workshops where topics about understanding ourselves in our relationships are discussed which include:

  • Our 7 year cycles
  • Our heritage, our future
  • Earliest memories linked to our life’s purpose
  • The power of not saying no
  • Negotiate – don’t compromise
  • The energy of silence
  • Circles of relationships for clear boundaries


Mary Saunders is a sought-after International speaker. While Covid-19 has impacted large gatherings and face-to-face events, video, live-streaming and technology-enabled communications can provide the platform for inspiring, energising and insightful engagement with Mary. Now more than ever, we all need to consider how best to respond, evolve and grow for our businesses, communities and families to thrive. Contact us to discuss your ideas.

About Mary Saunders.

Working with Mary is a powerfully transformative experience. This is because of her personal insight and experience and the engaging, interactive process she’s developed for understanding how people think, feel and behave – the Sagacious model.

At the heart of the model is the ethos from which SAGE INSIGHTS takes its name.
Sagacious means ‘full of wisdom’. The wisdom that arises when individuals and teams go deeper in self-knowledge and understanding of others to gain transformative clarity.

The Bee represents the way in which Mary lightly and skilfully moves amongst people and concepts. The buzz of energetic questioning and activity brings different perspectives to light. Initiating connection, influencing and cross-pollinating ideas, the Bee’s activity delivers the nectar of positivity, nourishment and wisdom that helps people move forward.

For over 25 years this unique ethos has proven remarkably effective in developing the insights and understanding needed to create change for individuals, teams and leaders. The Sagacious model and suite of accessible, creative, customised tools is based on a combination of leading behavioural science, research, and Mary’s experience as a highly regarded international educator and facilitator.

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